Water: Four different kinds to try out…

Water makes up 60% of our bodies and it is especially important part of our digestion, body temperature regulation, cellular function and brain function.

However these days there are so many other waters on the market, we never know which one is best to choose. So the team at LK Comms did a little tasting and here’s the results:

Coconut water 

Not as calorific as juice or fizzy drinks but some of the coconut waters on the market have natural sugars in them so watch out for this. Coconut water does have anti-inflammatory effects and more potassium than a medium-sized banana!

Birch water 

This is an acquired taste and can taste a little leafy but it does contain saponin which can help control blood cholesterol levels.

Aloe water 

This is rich in nutrients and can really help support the immune system and is great for healing the gut. Some have added sugars so again check the contents!

Maple water

It’s low in sugar, gluten/vegan/dairy-free and packed full of nutrients. Also a great source of calcium. Some of us found it a little too sweet tasting.

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