LKC review: Crawling out of our comfort zone

At the end of March, we came across a network called She.Space, which was set up by Sorcha and Liana and aimed at women who wanted to eat, drink and talk business in informal settings. They were holding an event near Farnham, which involved a 45-minute fitness class followed by nibbles and informal networking so we thought we would give it a try!

The event was held at a stunning location near Farnham with beautiful views and the weather was kind to us, which meant that our primal movement class provided by Breathe Studios could take place outside on the front lawn.

She.Space networking 1

John Canno, founder of Breathe Studios in Farnham, took us through a simple warm-up before educating us on primal movement. Primal movement is an approach to human movement that prioritizes basic, natural movement. Through movements we learned as a baby, John explained how we can help our bodies gain flexibility, repair and prevent injury and build strength.

John instructed us through flexibility moves, ape squats, frog jumps, the beast reach and we even took part in bear crawl races. All you could hear is laughter all around – a great way to break the ice!

After our introduction to primal movement, we took our places at the beautifully styled dinner setting, which had been styled by one of the members, Jen Middlehurst, a creative styling consultant and founder of Kalm Kitchen.

She.Space networking 2

The delicious food was provided by Fia Cann and Helen Martin of Nourish Kitchen. We were presented with amazing smoothies, paleo snacks and even healthy chocolate protein cake. During our feast we were able to swap stories with the other women there and learn more about their journeys. Sorcha and Liana prompted a little story telling as well with questions such as ‘what has been your biggest creative risk’ and ‘what will you be doing when you wake up in 2065’. Such brilliant questions to make everyone think outside the box and share insights into what challenges they had faced with their businesses.

She.Space networking 3

The event held by She.Space was so great that we’ve signed ourselves up to membership and are looking forward to their next event at the end of April. #thefutureisfemale

Image credit: She.Space

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