Our monthly LKC review: F45 Training in Kingston

F45 Training in Kingston

Now F45 training is one that has been on our bucket list to try out for a while but being based out of London it was always a struggle to get to the studio. Then Kingston’s studio opened and there were no excuses left, so our founder Laura went along to try out a class.

To give you some background, F45 training originates from Australia when the founders set out to ‘create a group-training facility that featured the most dynamic and effective training styles to date’. The founders wanted charismatic instructors to lead the workouts and motivate the people and they wanted to create a structured training system that could be implemented around the world.

When I found out that F45 training combined elements of HIIT, circuits and functional training, I thought this is right up my street! They combine those 3 elements to create 27 different, 45 minute workout experiences.

I attended a class on a Friday morning in Kingston which was known as the “loyals’ class which is resistance and cardio based. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this class. We had two extremely motivated instructors to keep us going throughout the workout, easy to follow exercises on a screen at each station showing us what workout move we had to perform and a great soundtrack to exercise to.

There seemed to be such an inclusive atmosphere at this studio with everyone really encouraging each other through the workout and we even went round giving each other hi-fives at the end. Something that reminded me of my CrossFit days!

If you haven’t tried a F45 training class then get to it – the classes and instructors won’t disappoint.

Visit F45 Training for more information.



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