Healthy eating tips to for when you are on the go

When you know that you have a week based in the office then planning what to eat and when is easy. However, when you have a busy week of client meetings and potential client meetings all over London and the South East it can be hard to stick to a healthy eating plan – as we experienced last week!

Healthy eating and clean eating is becoming more apparent on the high street with outlets now often selling more options other than the usual sandwich, bag of crisps and a drink. However, when you are hungry and short of time, convenience rules and if you are like me, you often choose the wrong lunch or snack leaving you feeling more hungry 30-minutes later.

So I’ve put these tips together to help you choose the right food option when you are on the go:

  1. Try to only eat in healthy restaurants and definitely stay clear of any fast food outlets. Sometimes it is easier to pop into a supermarket where you can buy a salad or a bag of carrots and hummus or nuts to snack on.
  2. Eat protein as this stabilises your blood sugar levels, enhances concentration and keeps you lean and strong.
  3. Drink lots of water. Your body needs water to function and drinking plenty of it will flush your body of toxins, keep your skin looking fresh and will help you eat less. Many cravings can be banished with a refreshing drink of water so try this first!
  4. Eat breakfast. You will hear many people saying that this is the most important meal of the day and it is. It sets you up for the rest of the day so make sure it is a hearty breakfast that fuels the body for the day’s activities not a fast food muffin as this won’t cut it!
  5. Smoothies can save the day. Make your own smoothies instead of buying from a shop, as they are bound to have more nutrients in them and less sugar. Remember that you can always make extra for the next day which will save time in the long run.
  6. Pack snacks. When I’m running between meetings I don’t have access to food at regular intervals and sometimes even skip meals. This causes the body to respond as if it’s facing a food shortage and your metabolism slows to prevent you from starving. Pack snacks such as almonds, raw vegetables and hummus, yoghurt and berries or fresh and dried fruit.
  7. Plan your meals. I already hear you saying ‘that is easier said than done’ but it will help you – trust me! Preparing your meals ensures that you don’t turn to a ready-meal when you are short on time; it ensures you are eating fresh, lean food and will ultimately mean you will have less food wastage.
  8. Avoid snacks that make you feel bad. You know what I mean, the ones that you crave but leave you feeling sick, depleted and drain your energy and deflate your mood. Food such as fruit juices, refined grain products, anything deep-fried, non-fat desserts or excess alcohol.

I know it can be a struggle but if you can stick to some of the tips above then I’m sure you will see a difference in your mood, productivity and health.

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