LKC review: Breathe Studios, Farnham

Breathe Boutique Studio

I wanted to start our ‘Review’ series on a high and I did just that by visiting Breathe Studios in Farnham, Surrey this week.

What a fantastic studio! Literally a breath of fresh air in the Surrey countryside.

Moving from Richmond recently, I’ve been on the hunt to find a boutique studio that could offer the same knowledgeable expertise in trainers, quality classes and high-end studio finish like that of 1Rebel, Psycle and Heartcore which I had become accustomed to in London. I’m relieved to say that Breathe met my high expectations.

Breathe Boutique Studio

Breathe Studios, set up by John and Fia Cann, offers a three-form method of training and the sessions come in three forms: RIDE (indoor cycling classes), SCULPT (functional strength training) and MOVE (mobility through Pilates, yoga and primal movement). All of these sessions are followed by the opportunity for participants to experience their unrefined and unprocessed food offering at their on-site Nourish café.

I opted for a Wednesday morning Sculpt session with founder and trainer John Cann. His wealth of experience and passion for training was apparent from the offset and continued throughout the SCULPT session. A mixture of fat burning, body-weight exercises combined with some challenging moves on the TRX, John made sure he motivated and provided feedback to each and everyone of us. I made a point of checking my Fitbit during the class and my heart rate was continually in the ‘fat-burning zone’ throughout, meaning that at the end of the class I had burnt in the region of 300 calories…not bad for 45 minutes! The class was full which is always a good sign and I could tell that the individuals taking part were regulars benefitting from this new form of exercise class in Surrey.

Breathe Boutique Studio

It was quite clear from speaking with John and seeing the studio community in action that they are friendly and passionate about exercise and healthy eating at Breathe. I thought the class was brilliant, challenging at times and I knew I had worked hard throughout the session – evident from having jelly legs while walking down the stairs – something I haven’t experienced from any gym class in a long time!

The studio might not be on my doorstep but I’ll definitely be going again and I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking to get lean, stronger and fitter in a group exercise environment.

Visit and book your £10 intro session.

Image credit: Breathe Studios

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