Our monthly LKC review: F45 Training in Kingston

F45 Training in Kingston

Now F45 training is one that has been on our bucket list to try out for a while but being based out of London it was always a struggle to get to the studio. Then Kingston’s studio opened and there were no excuses left, so our founder Laura went along to try out a class. To give you some background, … Read More

Healthy eating tips to for when you are on the go

When you know that you have a week based in the office then planning what to eat and when is easy. However, when you have a busy week of client meetings and potential client meetings all over London and the South East it can be hard to stick to a healthy eating plan – as we experienced last week!

Eat, sleep, and breathe your brand


I can’t emphasis enough the importance of eating, sleeping and breathing your brand because when founders of companies do this it is very apparent in the operations of the business, their marketing and the staff, resulting in all kinds of benefits for the customer.

LKC review: Crawling out of our comfort zone

At the end of March, we came across a network called She.Space, which was set up by Sorcha and Liana and aimed at women who wanted to eat, drink and talk business in informal settings. They were holding an event near Farnham, which involved a 45-minute fitness class followed by nibbles and informal networking so we thought we would give … Read More

How to work with influencers


I often help clients with advice on how to work with influencers and with so many out there nowadays, it is essential that the right one is chosen and there is a clear strategy in place.

The benefits of working with a freelancer

Female freelancer

Our founder has been a freelancer now for four years and has all too often come across potential clients who were afraid to employ a freelancer over a full time employee. Here she shares her top reasons why companies should consider working with a freelancer… Today’s businesses no longer work within the standard 9-5 working day and so they should … Read More

Are events the new form of advertising?

Fitness Events

Brands are continually looking at new ways to engage with their target audiences and traditional advertising is just not making the cut. I often hear from clients that they have placed expensive adverts in print media and could honestly say that they had absolutely no traction. Brands are now turning to hosting events where they can invite current customers, engage … Read More

Blogs we are choosing to follow this year

Variety is the spice of life and with there being so many blogs out there today, we are really spoilt for choice! We’ve put together our top 10 blogs that we are choosing to follow this year, let us know what you think and if there are any you think should have been on our list.

PR & Marketing trends in 2017

Marketing trends

What will be the trends in marketing and PR this year? We take a look at some of the areas we think there will be growth in…