The benefits of working with a freelancer

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Our founder has been a freelancer now for four years and has all too often come across potential clients who were afraid to employ a freelancer over a full time employee.

Here she shares her top reasons why companies should consider working with a freelancer…

Today’s businesses no longer work within the standard 9-5 working day and so they should be open to embracing a workforce that doesn’t adhere to these set working hours. Working with a freelancer can ensure the company is more fluid and easily able to adapt to change giving them the upper hand over their competitors.

Here are my reasons to hire a freelancer:


Many freelancers like the flexibility that working freelance provides them and you can benefit from this in many ways. For example a freelancer could be answering your Facebook posts, posting a blog or upgrading your website after you have left the office. Also sometimes they prefer working on a weekend, which allows you to provide them with a ‘to-do list’ on a Friday and find it’s complete by Monday morning, allowing you to action other points at the beginning of your week.


Good freelancers have lots of experience that they can bring to a new client, often within a niche industry or over a variety of different businesses. Your business will definitely gain from all the vast experience they have.

Handling your account

Working with a freelancer will mean that they will actually handle the day-to-day activity of your account. In my experience of agency life, I was wheeled out to a pitch for new business but actually someone very junior carried out the work.


A freelancer working from home means that they can often offer you more reasonable day rates because they don’t have the overhead and travel costs associated with working in an office.


When you work with a freelancer you can work with them on a ‘need’ basis, which in return gives you more freedom and also helps streamline your business.

Immediate and Innovative

Permanent staff can sometimes become stuck in a rut of doing the same things whereas freelancers can bring fresh ideas and approaches that they’ve implemented successfully elsewhere. Often they are motivated to perform an excellent job and fast so that they can ensure future work from that client.


Often freelancers will have an independent view, which encourages the client to look at a particular project or event from a different angle.


Freelancers are really motivated and can bring fresh ideas and energy to a client that you might not achieve from a salaried member of staff at a more junior level.

Thinking about working with a freelancer, drop us an email and see how we can help you and your company.

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